Photography Project Details


I like to push the boundaries of my photography by creating High Dynamic Range Panoramic images. Each image consists of multiple exposures (sometimes upwards of 27 images) blended and stiched together to create high resolution images that capture all the detail of the scene. These images take hours to process and edit in software such as PhotoMatix, Photoshop and Lightroom. Once finished, these images can be reproduced to sizes greater than 10 feet wide in some cases. Detailed planning goes into each shot to ensure the proper technical aspects are met so that I can work with each image in the various steps of the process.

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Chittenango Falls - Syracuse, NY
Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve - Dripping Springs, TX
High Falls - Rochester, NY
Irondequoit Bay - Rochester, NY
Niagara Falls - Ontario, Canada
Postcard Falls - Rochester, NY
Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA